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DITALS (Certificazione in Didattica dell’Italiano come lingua straniera)

The DITALS certification is a cultural certificate from Università per Stranieri di Siena.
Mira a valutare e verificare il grado di preparazione nella didattica dell’italiano a stranieri ed è valutabile nei concorsi per l’assunzione di personale, per l’attribuzione di scatti di carriera, per l’attribuzione di borse di studio e/o di crediti universitari.
The principal functions of the certification are:
– To allow future teachers to acquire, the means to be able to work in a way which is effective inside a language classroom.
– Guarantees that Italian as a second language teachers have a high standard of theoretical understanding and possess a basic knowledge of the principle dictation techniques.


DITALS is divided into three levels.

DITALS BASE: for Italian teachers abroad whose native language is not Italian and Italians starting out on the training process.

DITALS Level I: certifies a good teaching competence in Italian as a Foreign Language, especially with regard to specific students (children; teenagers; adults and the elderly; immigrants; university students; learners of Italian origin; learners with a specific mother tongue; tourist-hotel staff; Catholic clergy; USA – University Study Abroad students).

DITALS Level II: certifies an advanced teaching competence in Italian as a Foreign Language, whatever the context and learner profile.

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