A guide for foreigners in the city
The Fiscal Code is mandatory for everyone and for subjects, different from individuals like societies, associations and entities. For individuals, it consists of an alphanumeric code, formed by 16 characters (both letters and numbers) of which the first 15 refer to personal data of its subject whilst the last ensures the accuracy of the previous data.

How to do it
Can be requested in any of the Agenzia delle Entrate’s (Internal Revenue Agency) offices.
For Italian citizens or members of the European Union, a valid ID is necessary.
For citizens coming from countries outside the EU it’s necessary to have:
- A valid passport with a valid visa, or another document issued by an Italian Authority.
- A declaration of valid identification from a diplomatic representative or consular in Italy from your country of membership (with a photo attached)
- A Valid Permit of Stay
- An ID from the residential municipal
For foreigners that are applying for territorial admission to the PSCs for immigration, for either employment or family reunions, the request for a fiscal code comes from the counter of the PSC, where you can receive your fiscal code.

Agenzia dell’entrate (Internal Revenue Agency)
Address: Piazza Massari, 50 - 70122 Bari
Telefone: +39 080.5273111
Fax: +39 065.0059281
Email: -

Ufficio per le Relazioni con il Pubblico (Office of Public Relations)
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 08.00 - 12.30
Telefone: +39 080.5273215; +39 080.5273328

The Italian Health Insurance, which includes the tax code released by the Italian Revenue Agency, is used when the citizen goes to the doctor, buys medicines at a chemist’s, books a test in a lab, has a specialist examination in the hospital or at a ASL (territorial office of the National Health Service) surgery, benefits by thermal treatments or whenever it is needed to certify his own tax code.

The card is strictly personal and allows the holder to obtain health services in the European Union countries.

Where to Apply:

Apply at your local ASL office. Once in Italy, you may register with the SSN at the ASL agency in your area. The following documents are generally what you will need to register: (varies based on your immigration status in Italy)

  • Tax identification number (Codice Fiscale)
  • Permit of stay or the receipt issued by the Post office at the moment of the application
  • Self certification of your domicile (the same address you have written in your permit of stay) or certificate of residence
  • Passport with visa if non-EU citizen
  • if necessary: Receipt of payment ‘Bolletino’ from the post office (depending on your foreigner/straniere status)


AMTAB (Azienda mobilità e Trasporti Autofiloviari di Bari) is the department which manages city transport.

There are 33 urban lines and the service is active from 5AM to 11PM.
You can purchase tickets from news outlets or tobacconists, the price varies depending on the duration of the trip. It is possible to buy tickets on the bus, in this case the price is 1.50 euro.
Line 16 connects the Airport with Moro Square or Bari Central Station Square, and vice versa. Whilst line 20 connect Moro Square with the port (Stazione Marittima)
For the students, there are advantages of seasonal passes, a ticket which allows you to travel using the service for an amount of days chosen by you.
To know the complete list of service offered by AMTAB and its fares, visit their website

In every city, despite its cultural importance would not be the same, the theatre continues to exist because it’s a meeting place. Below are some of the most important in Bari, fundamental for the cultural formation.

Teatro Petruzzelli

Teatro Team

Teatro Kismet

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