Professional translating, editing and revising services

Passaporto Italia has staff of translators and native-speaking interpreters.

Our services include: Translation, editing, and revision.

We can assure your utmost fidelity to the text, be it of a general nature or specialised, as our skill staff have optimal comprehension of the original language and in the request language of translation, whist also having a mastery of the culture which follows. We offer the highest precision and accuracy in our translations.

Our staff are professionally qualified to produce certified translations, certified by a competent authority which present in any country. The certified translations are certifications of our compliance to a translation from its original text, and are sought after for every official document, especially those from national or foreign authorities. With our oath, we guarantee, with an official declaration from the court registry, the utmost faith in our translations. This way the translation of a document will have the same legal value as it did in its original language.

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