Find out about the details and choose one which suits your needs

Dealing with linguistic and cultural education at all levels, we also organise foreign languages courses for private businesses run by native or bilingual teachers, who are highly qualified so they always offer a high standard of quality and reliability.

To help you in your selection of your level, and to assess your language grade, you can book a complimentary test, which is completely free and not binding.

Thanks to this, an initial interview and at the analysis of your objectives we can program an ideal language course for you.

You will be able to benefit from all the advantages insured to our students, for example various events in which it will be possible to practice your language skills in an informal and relaxed environment with our teachers. Learn more details and the types of courses available and choose the one which is best for you!

All the preparation levels for Cambridge certifications.
French, German, Spanish, Russian and Chinese
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