Obtain a Certification in Italian as a Second Language

The certification CILS (Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera; Certificate of Italian as a second language) is a officially recognised certification and is useful tool in both university and work environments.
Passaporto Italia’s courses for certification preparation are managed by expert teachers and CILS and PLIDA exam administrators, together they will prepare the students to pass the official Italian Language certification tests which are recognised both nationally and internationally, which are necessary to obtain permits of stay and to be able to enrolled into Italian Universities.

The way to the certification CILS
The certification CILS meets the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages’ standards. The levels are A1 – A2 (basic understanding), B1 – B2 ( intermediate understanding) and C1 – C2 (High Understanding).
Firstly, the student will receive a complete overview iterating the various sections the exam will contain. The teacher will introduce various tests illustrating the types of assessment present, the principal characteristics, and the marking criteria which will be used after the students have sat practise tests. The students will set mock exams without any time constraints, then once at an appropriate skill, students will be timed.
The exam to obtain the certification is divided into the following: Reading Comprehension, Listening comprehension, writing composition, oral composition, and grammar test.
They examination is done through multi choice questions, simple sentence answers, and paragraph answers on a theme.
To pass the exam and thus the certification it is necessary to pass each section by getting the required amount of points. If the sufficient amount of points is not reached in one particular section then the exam may be resat but only for the sections in which the student did not pass.
I corsi di Passaporto Italia vengono svolti nelle settimane immediatamente precedenti le date d’esame stabilite dall’Università per Stranieri di Siena e mirano a offrire allo studente una preparazione approfondita in relazione alle diverse abilità richieste.
Passaporto Italia’s courses take place in the preceding weeks immediately before the exam date set by the Università per Stranieri di Siena, and offer the students a profound preparation for the exam in respect to their ability and needs.

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