A region which is full of history and wonders to discover

Sea, history, culture, nature, incredible gastronomy and locally made handcrafted cuisine. Orientated towards the Orient, Apulia offers its visitors its famous roman cathedrals, rocky cliffs and spectacular caves.

This region features the splendid baroque city of Lecce, the trulli (houses with cone shaped roofs made with large stones), and for its mysterious castles like Castel del Monte, with its unique octagonal form.

Passaporto Italia is found in the regional capital, surrounded by people and culture, this is why our school’s activities are also centred around the understanding of the region and the Apulian people.

Our Italian teaching is not simply limited to lessons on the language. We utilise other means such as costumes, traditions, stories, and also the outside landscapes and towns which tell the best story of our culture. Included in our courses are excursions and experiences around local places that never stop to amaze us.

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